Monday, September 1, 2008

Just Over the Bridge into Old Tappan, NJ

Because we're bored, this post comes to you as a conversation...

Lauren: It was a bright and shiny day. I was running a half hour late due to traffic so I texted Katie that I would drive. When I pulled into her driveway at 4 p.m., her mom pulled up next to me, of course, I thought that someone was following me instead! Katie and I jumped in my car (not literally) and were on our way to New Jersey!

Katie: Again! haha.

Lauren: Yes, we head to New Jersey for the second time in a month.

Katie: What should have been an hour and a half ride, ended up being more like 3 hours.

Lauren: That was a redonculus trek. Not only was there traffic, there was an fender-bender caused by the bumper-to-bumper traffic!

Katie: Anywho, despite a little confusion with our trusty TomTom, we made it to Oakes Park with time to spare.

Lauren: And at 7:38 p.m. the gentlemen introduced and walked to the front of the gazebo.

Katie: And what we thought would be a peaceful evening, sitting down and enjoying the show was ruined, when Michael told everyone to stand up, and we could no longer see!

Lauren: Thanks Mike!

Katie: Then you left me when they started to play. :(

Lauren: I didn't leave for long!

Katie: Okay, you're right...Lauren went to scope out a decent spot for us to move to. We ended up standing on the side of the "stage" for several songs.

Lauren: We were there for pretty much the entire show.

Katie: Oh.. maybe i was distracted.

Lauren: What else is new - anyways, below is the set list:

This Bed is An Ocean
Kiss me Like You Mean It
Why Didn't I?
No Win Situation
Two Rebels
Goodnight my Love
Nobody Has To Know
The Takeover
See u In The Dark

And the program for the evening is under the cut!

Click for full size!

We also got to meet the guys after the show. Our picture with them (taken by Rebecca, the awesome co-street team leader) can be found in the Welcome post.

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