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Artist of the month - Vote! is currently taking votes for the April Artist Of The Month - and guess who is nominated? That's right, Honor Society! You can vote up to 100 times per day. (Remember, once you vote once you can hit refresh and then enter over and over until you get your 100 votes in - this works a lot faster than going back to the main page after every time you vote!) Read more...

Honor Society Supports Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Experience

In a recent Myspace Bulletin, Honor Society has this to say to their fans....

This is a call to our friends on myspace who wouldn't normally go see the Jonas Brothers 3D Movie.

All four of us highly suggest taking the time to see it. This is not a blind recommendation because we work with Jonas. Its not like they need a push from us, they're obviously extremely popular we just want everyone to see what we get to see everyday working with the boys.

We were BLOWN AWAY when we saw their live show this past summer. The level of musicianship is huge and they are all terrific entertainers as well as great dudes.

If you don't believe us, go see the movie. Everyone talks about how rough the music industry is today but these are three guys (along with their band) that really give their fans every ounce of their heart and talent.

Your Gentlemen,

(photo from

Friday, February 27, 2009

Are You Burning Up?

Posted on Shine On-Media:

Check out our exclusive interviews with Brandon Smith (Sonny With A Chance), India Eisley (Secret Life of the American Teenager), Olympian Shawn Johnson, Meaghan Martin (Camp Rock), Honor Society, Nate Hartley (JONAS & Drillbit Taylor) and singer Montana Tucker from the premiere of Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience. In this segment, we asked them to talk about the Jonas Brothers. Find out what they have to say! Stay tuned for more of our interviews with each of the stars.

(Note: We apologize to Jason of Honor Society, we were holding a recorder and blindly filming at the same time and didn’t realize we were off center. Also, we apologize about the sound during India’s segment, it was super loud. Here’s what she said about JB being good role models: “I think that they work really hard at what they do, and I think it’s really refreshing. Because a lot of the time my generation and younger are starting to get, not lazy, but they just don’t think work is cool. And I think it’s refreshing to see young people work so hard.”)

The "Pistol"

Shine On-Media made a bulletin post on MySpace letting everyone know that Alex is following along with the twitter-trend. We link to his twitter site under the cut....

Oh, I forgot to mention that he also has a new blog....


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Updated Say Now

Honor Society once again updated their say now - they had a ton of fun at the movie last night, they are working on a new youtube video - ANDDDD a big announcement is coming soon!!! I don't know about you, but I can't wait!


Photos from last night!

GettyImages uploaded 2 photos of the gents last night to their site!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

May/June issue of J-14


HS Walks the Purple Carpet! was live from the Purple Carpet at the Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Experience movie premiere. was interviewing Jonas Brothers and guess who I spied in the background!

Michael, Jason and Andrew! Look carefully -- Andrew is wearing a yellow plaid jacket.

Check under the cut for some screenshots!


Update Say Now

The guys have updated their say now! They will be at the Jonas movie premiere tonight. This will be streaming at: tonight at 5pm Pacific (8pm EST)


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Hi MTV Buzzworthy Blog readers!

So if you're an MTV Buzzworthy Blog reader and were linked to us through the link below...

...we'd like to officially welcome you to Far From Shore: An Honor Society Concert Blog!

Not only do we share our concert experiences, but we keep you up-to-date on any Honor Society news! Read more...


The Honor Society Street Team just made this bulletin on MySpace:

Some of you may remember a contest the band was in last year over at

They came super close to winning...this year it seems they made it to the top 5 bands in the Pop category! Fans can vote once a day, this week only!

CLICK HERE to check it out and VOTE FOR HONOR SOCIETY! Read more...

Off Topic: Win Free Stuff!

Our friends at Real Magic TV like to give away free things....

This month they're giving away a Flip Camera signed by John Vessley of Secondhand Serenade. There's also a personal message from John on the camera!

Just visit to enter to win.

Tell your friends!

(Hey, maybe one day they'll be giving away something signed by Honor Society! ;)) Read more...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Access Hollywood Weekend Edition

The weekend edition of Access Hollywood featured a brief clip with Honor Society

Take Me Out to the Crowd

More photos from the weekend...


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Jonas Brothers played softball this weekend with some friends in Brentwood.

More photos under the cut!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

What is "Jonas Group"?

Jonas Brothers Haven't Launched Their Own Record Label
Jonas Group is actually a management company formed by the JoBros' dad, Kevin.

By James Montgomery (

Despite what you may have read, the Jonas Brothers aren't looking to branch out.

Sure, they've already conquered the tween market, won the coveted "first daughter" demographic and made their first foray into feature-length 3-D films. But — contrary to several sources in the blogosphere — they're not about to launch their own record label.

Late Wednesday, several sites noticed the launch of, a Web site featuring little more than a (slightly altered) version of the Jonas Brothers' "JB" logo. Soon after, someone realized that the same logo appears on the back of Demi Lovato's debut album, Don't Forget. Couple that with several reports that the band had signed prep-rock act Honor Society, and suddenly, bloggy logic dictated that the Jonas Group was the Jonas Brothers' brand-new record label.

But, as is frequently the case with bloggy logic, it wasn't exactly true. On Thursday (February 19), MTV News contacted a spokesperson for the Jonas Brothers, who let it be known that the Jonas Group isn't a label at all ... it's a management company formed by the brothers' father, Kevin, and longtime artist manager/ promoter Philip McIntyre.

The spokesperson also added that the Jonas Group's clients include not just the JoBros themselves, but Lovato (like it says in the liner notes of Don't Forget, "Exclusive Management by: Philip McIntyre and Kevin Jonas for the Jonas Group") and Honor Society too. And while, yes, the Jonas Brothers have signed Honor Society, it's to a production deal, not a record contract.

So, sorry Jonas fans. While there might be a movie and a TV show in the works, there's no JoBros-owned record label on the horizon anytime soon. Pop stars can't have everything, you know. Read more...

Honor Society's Summer Plans?

Jonas Brothers had a live chat today for FanFamily House Party participants. Honor Society was discussed during chat and there was a hint that we might see them on tour soon...What do you think?


Friday, February 20, 2009

The Daily Dish

My Post V-Day Date With Honor Society!
Hey Readers!

Last Sunday, the hot new group (AND pals of The Jonas Brothers!) Honor Society played a show at Irving Plaza in New York City and Tiger Beat and BOP were there! We got to sit down and have a super rad and exclusive interview with the boys and learned sooo much - INCLUDING the story behind the dance they coined, “The Honor Roll.”

I’m pleased to report that Michael, Alex, Jason and Andrew are just as cute, friendly and fun to be around in person as they are on stage. They’re all close friends and totally LOVE performing. After the first song, Michael, the lead vocalist, said to the screaming crowd, “This is truly a blessing and we thank each and every one of you for being here tonight.”

The best part about the concert was toward the end when they told their fans they had a surprise for them. Can YOU guess what happened?! Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas came on stage and all seven of them played a song together! Eeeek! Were any of YOU at Irving Gardens? What was YOUR reaction?

All in all, it was an amazing experience.


Check out more under the cut:

Undercover With Honor Society:

Blog Girl: Were you discovered by the Jonas Brothers?
Andrew: The short answer is yes. The Jonas Brothers kind of saw what we were doing and caught wind of it and we hooked up with them, and it’s been chaos since then. So yeah, they did.

BG: What did they see in you that made them take you on as their first group?
Alex: You know, I’d actually gone to high school with Kevin and been friends with the boys for a long time.
Jason: We did a big show at the Knitting Factory near the summer that they came to, and I think it was a culmination and I think that was the final piece and it was like, alright – we’re gonna do this.

BG: Do you guys have any nicknames for the Jonas Brothers, or do they have any nicknames for you?
Michael: Um, a lot of the fans, and us as well, when we refer to them collectively we call them “The Boys,” but no real individual nicknames, no.
Alex: And I guess we’re like, “The Guys.” {All laugh}

BG: Who gets the most stage fright?
Alex: I don’t think we really get stage fright. I mean, we’ve all been playing music for a really long time, and with that comes being on stage and performing for other people. So it’s not necessarily stage fright. I think the one thing that we’re all conscious of is just, the energy in a room, because it can just get out of control.

BG: What is behind the name Honor Society?
Michael: Basically we’re four guys that, for the last year or two we’ve been together non-stop, and for the last 4 months we’ve together 24/7. And with that said, there’s a real deep bond of brotherhood between the four of us. That goes back awhile. And when we were coming up with the name we wanted something that gave that feeling of our brotherhood, but also that the fans could get involved in. So then we started to think about something like a fraternity, but that felt a little too exclusive, like it would exclude our fans. And Honor Society just felt liked it matched our look and the way we conduct ourselves.

BG: Who takes the longest to get ready for a show?
Michael: I’m just gonna say it’s me. I’m just gonna call myself out.

BG: And some girls are dying to know, how did you come up with your dance the “Honor Roll”?
Michael: It all started with Soulja Boy and the “Crank That” dance, and around Alex’s kitchen table in New Jersey we were literally like, we should be the first rock band to come up with a dance. And something about this band is no one likes to back down from what might be a crazy idea. So we were like, we should be the first rock band to come up with a dance, and it’s kind of like, “Yeah, no, that’s a great idea.” {All laugh} Even though it may not be.
Michael: There’s video footage of us making up the dance that will be released one day. Literally the dance came together in like, 2 minutes in the parking lot next to the minivan that we were touring in.
{All laugh}

Also be sure to check out the source for more photos from the Irving show!


Lots of Updates!


Be sure to head on over to Honor Society's Youtube
and be sure to subscribe so you won't miss out on any of their videos!

2 million!
Hey everyone!

We're just shy of 2,000,000 profile views on our myspace page!!

Help us reach the 2 MIL milestone by visiting our page today (or tonight) and encouraging your friends to do the same!

Also, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel:

www. youtube. com/honorsociety

and prepare for more videos coming soon!

much love and much duh,
the gentlemen of Honor Society

New Merch!
The "Gallery" T-Shirt, which I had posted here - is now available on It won't have the limited back graphic, but the front still has the cool framed drawings of the guys.

We're currently in the recording studio, working on our first full-length record.

In the meantime, you can find some of our other music on iTunes...just click the link below or go to the iTunes Music Store and search for Honor Society!


Fan Memories
If you went to the Irving Plaza show - please a) send your review and a couple pictures to AND b) submit your memories to the Honor Society Support Team's Fan Memories project

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another photo of Honor Society on the MySpace homepage:


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today on Myspace!

If you dont see it right away, you might have to refresh! Read more...

Limited Edition TShirt

We hear that the tshirt, minus the back design, will be up at soon. Read more...

Shine On Media - Who's Who

Shine On Media got an exclusive interview with Honor Society before the show on Sunday. Head on over to the site to check out a great interview where you will find out who the band thinks is:

Who's The Biggest Flirt?
Who's The Best Rapper?
Who Takes The Longest To Get Ready?
Who's The Messiest?
Who's The Best Dancer?
Who Talks On The Phone The Longest?

Also check out the site for photos from the show! Read more...

Honor Society @ The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza, NYC

Popular pop/rock trio raises the roof in NYC

Honor Society

On Sunday February 15, the gentlemen of Honor Society returned home and rocked a show here in New York at the Filmore. The widely anticipated show exceeded all my expectations.

I arrived at around 5:45 and doors opened at 6. The minute I stepped out of the cab, I was in shock to hear that people were outside waiting since 5 a.m! When the doors opened, the crowd quickly pushed their way through to get a good view of the show. Then I heard screams that I can only associated with the presence of a certain pop group of three, globally known brothers. And surely enough it was. Good friends of Honor Society, The Jonas Brothers stopped by the show to support their friends. But they definitely did not steal the show.

The gentlemen of Honor Society brought to the stage more excitement and energy of an other show of theirs I've been too. It made the show that much more enjoyable because we could all tell they truly were happy to be performing. The crowd was going crazy as all four guys Michael Bruno(vocals&guitar), Andrew Lee(bass), Jason Rosen(keyboard), and Alexander Noyes(drums) ran on to the stage, smiling ear to ear.

They got right into the music by performing their song "Two Rebels". It was a great choice, because it got the whole crowd to dance and sing along. Being the true gentlemen they are, the guys followed by slowing things down with a simple balled, "Goodnight my Love". Then Michael made each member start a beat, which soon turned into an amazing, yet unique cover of Kayne West's song "Heartless". They also played new song called "My Own Way," co-written by the Jonas Brothers.

Soon enough, Michael introduced the Jonas Brothers to come onstage. Their collaboration together is truly a match made in music heaven. All 7 guys performed "Don't Close the Book;" its lyrics and a melody caught with the crowd very well. "Oh Oh Oh OOOH" was sung by every person in the room, definitely making it sound much more special.

A highly energetic crowd cheered the four guys back on stage for an encore. They performed their song "Over You". But we all knew that Honor society couldn't leave without performing their most popular song "See U in the Dark". It was definitely the perfect ending - it literally had the whole place moving. If you weren't breaking out into the "Honor Roll", then you were jumping and dancing.

This is definitely the best show I've ever seen from these guys. Their energy was addicting and their sound was capturing. For those of you who still haven't seen or heard Honor Society I suggest getting tickets to their next tour which hopefully will be soon. It really does not matter what type of genre of music you are into, this band combines aspects from different genres, such as rock and hip-hop. Honor Society is definitely going places with this sound.

Source

Official Irving Plaza Video!

Honor Society - Irving Plaza, NYC - 2/15/09

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Honor Society: The Jonas Brothers' New Ken Dolls

If the Jonas Brothers and Chuck Bass had a slumber party, I bet they would spend hours straightening their hair and dressing up dolls to look like new band Honor Society. Like, for-realsies!

If you don't have an Internet connection or are over the age of 20, you may be very unfamiliar with Honor Society -- The Jo Bros rock quintet pet project. And yes, these four guys may be paired quite frequently with Nick, Joe and Kevin, which is fair -- they have that same vesty, bow tie, ascot, tight jean deal happening -- but when it comes to their music, they couldn't be any further apart.

This weekend the dapper and coiffed guys of Honor Society were in town and I spent the weekend following the four around (we totally gabbed about our mutual love for Britney and Cut Copy.) Saturday we met at their rehearsal studio, where we talked about their start as a band and the future of their music now that they have copped tickets on the SS JoBro Express. Then on Sunday I caught their sold-out concert at NYC's Fillmore Theater at Irving Plaza. They were not only greeted by massive amounts of screaming tweens belting out song lyrics (mind you, they don't even have a full CD out yet) but, there was also a special appearance by the ever-so over-saturated Jonas Brothers themselves.

Yes, yes friends, I got all of it on tape for you so just stay tuned for that little puppy (after the jump, of course,) but first a little insight into the boys of Honor Society.

The band built a solid fan base using MySpace and YouTube (which you know I love,) and with songs that have had over 735,000 listens. I think the inter-drones are ready for a full length album.

When meshing together last year, the guys all came from different music backgrounds. Blending their unique preferences of Jazz, Indie-NYC rock and Prince inspired funk to form their new (Maroon 5-eque) sound.

With everything in place, they are now ready to burst like Violet Beauregarde. On Sunday, the band debuted tons of new songs including "Full Moon Crazy," and then were joined on stage by The Jo Bros to duet (what's it called when there are seven boy banders? A septet? Heaven?) their Myspace hit "Don't Close The Book," a song written by Honor Society and co-produced by the Jonai. Now the kids are headed to Philly for a couple of small stints at Hershey Park and then ... right back in the studio, bow-ties and all, to get that CD finally put together.

And be sure to head on over to for a video!! Read more...

Send in your concert experiences!

So you've heard about our experience up in the VIP section Sunday night - but what was it like on the floor? We could see the crowd surging forward before the Jonas Brothers hit the stage - were you in the middle of all that? Did you have to wait longer than the 2 hours Lauren and I waited to meet the gentlemen? Or were you in the first group of people who got to take pictures with them? Did you show up just before doors, or camp out overnight?

If you went - please send us a brief write up of YOUR concert experience (and if you'd like, a couple of photos!) to:

And we will post it here! We can't wait to hear from you! Read more...

HonorSocietyFan: Catching up with Honor Society

Katie and Karleigh of got a chance to catch up with the gents before their show on Sunday!

Check it out:

Also be sure to head over to their site and sign up for the message boards! they've been kind of dull lately... and I need something to do when I'm bored ;) Read more...

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Updated Say Now!

The guys just updated the say now about last nights show!

Updated Say Now!

The guys just updated the say now about last nights show!

The Honor Society: The next Jonas Brothers?

PopWatchers, I had my first encounter with the Jonas Brothers and I lived to tell the tale (the slight headache and popping eardrums notwithstanding). The uber-popular trio capped off an astonishingly busy week -- one that included stops at Saturday Night Live, David Letterman and, of course, the Grammys (with Stevie Wonder, no less) -- by cheering on their good friends the Honor Society at a sold-out show at The Fillmore in New York last night.

So, who are the Honor Society, you ask? They are four well-dressed, well-coiffed guys originally from New Jersey who were fortunate enough to have their EP, A Tale of Risky Business, catch the eye of Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas last summer. Since then, Honor Society have opened up shows for the mega-star siblings, and are now managed by the Jonas Group, which of course also manages the brothers and fellow Disney star Demi Lovato. "We've been lucky to be able to coproduce and cowrite songs for our new album with the Jonases, and we've created this cool, creative environment between the four of us and the three of them," bassist Andrew Lee tells EW backstage. "They have completely welcomed us into the entire Jonas family, and we have all become fast friends."

The band's sound -- something lead singer Michael Bruno (no, not the EW staffer) characterizes as "if Justin Timberlake had a rock band" -- certainly fits the mold of its famous friends: catchy, unassuming, inoffensive pop. So, the question begs to be asked: Are the Honor Society the next Jonas Brothers? Read on after the jump to find out...

• Celebrity Endorsement: Clearly, the Jonas Brothers like the band. They showed up at The Fillmore just to watch from the balcony, and later even made a brief cameo on stage, where plenty of man-hugs and sweet nothings like "can we open for you guys someday" and "Honor Society is the greatest band ever" were dispensed. Young, impressionable teens simply will not be able to resist.
• MySpace Phenoms: The Honor Society is fast approaching two million page views, an astronomical number for a band that has not even released a proper album. "MySpace really became our media outlet, and provided the freedom we needed to share our music and connect with our fans in a rewarding, organic kind of way," Bruno tells me backstage. Judging by the length of the line for the meet-and-greet after the show, catering to their fans is the bands #1 priority.
• Showmanship: They know how to work a crowd. Granted, getting teenage girls to scream who are already extremely prone to screaming anyway isn't all that tough, but the Honor Society were especially adept at getting the crowd all riled up. Fans were singing, clapping, and dancing along while snapping photos and doing all they could to exhaust those poor vocal cords.
Reasons Why Not:
• Tactlessness: Forgive the phrasing, but after the on-stage collaboration with the Jonas Brothers that literally made the girl next to me weep, the band started its encore by replaying "Over You," the Maroon 5-lite song that kicked off the show. To paraphrase: "You're going to be hearing this song a lot over the next few months," Bruno explained on stage, "so start learning the words and sing along!" Sure, they have just a handful of songs (and only played for the better part of an hour), but isn't that like totally not allowed in the concert rulebook?
• Age: Age ain't nothing but a number, true, but the band is said to be "in their 20's." Some of them look well into their 20's, which is a bit older than their colleagues (the oldest Jonas is 21, and Lovato is but 16). But, being grouped with stars from the Disney universe isn't something Bruno sees as a negative. "Fans are fans, whether they are 13, 33 or 63. When you go into a record store, there isn't a Disney section, you know?" he tells me. "At the same time, the Jonas Brothers are incredible musicians. You don't end up on stage playing with Steve Wonder at the Grammys if you aren't."
• Still Unsigned: While the band says it is currently in the studio recording songs for its first full-length album (due this fall), they skirted around the question of their label status when asked. But really, it's only a matter of time.
So, what do you think, PopWatchers? Do Honor Society deserve the hype? Are they destined to be the next big thing amongst the Disney set? And is it ever acceptable for a band to play the same song twice at a show? Hit up the comments and weigh in.



Epic Photo from an Epic Night

Just posted from the Honor Society Street Team! (Thanks Kat and Rebecca for all your hard work!)


Irving Plaza Videos

Teaser of the new song "Full Moon Crazy"

2 more under the cut!


Over You (first time played)


Irving Plaza Photos!

A couple of videos are uploading as I type this, so they will be posted as soon as they go live!

Here are some of my photos from last night's show - most are under the cut!

This is the back of the limited edition T-Shirt. I will post better photos of it soon!


New Band 'Honor Society' Rocks Out in New Yok

NEW YORK- The boys of the up-and-coming band 'Honor Society' rocked out Sunday to a sold out crowd at Irving Plaza and the 'Jo Bro's' themselves even joined in on the fun.

Honar-ary members Michael, Jason, Alexander and Andrew, who have become internet sensations with over a million hits on their Myspace page, took the stage to jam out before many excited fans and even got a surprise of their own. Teen heart throbs the Jonas Brothers joined the foursome on stage with an exciting announcement.

Want to find out what it was?

Check out what PIX reporter Katy Tur has to say, she was at the concert and has all the scoop.

Source (Check it out for some videos!)

Musqitone Awards / Popstar / Last night! has FINALLY announced the winners of their 4th annual awards and are pleased to announce that HONOR SOCIETY has won both Indie Artist of the Year and Indie Song of the Year! All of our hard work voting paid off!

Head on over to Popstars Blog to read about their take on Jonas showing up at the show last night!

Lauren and I are currently in the process of picking out which photos from last night to post and seeing if any of our videos came out decent. Keep checking back because hopefully there will be some photos posted by tonight! Read more...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We made it through the line!

It only took us 2 hours. It was rough waiting in the line in the cold and then on 2 flights of stairs but so worth it! (Although one of the fillmore staff guys was a real jerk!)
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

M and G

The line for the meet and greet is down the stairs around the front of the building and half way down the block

We are thinking 3 hours until we get to the guys. Anyone want to place bets on it?

This is nuts they didn't cap how many could meet them I just hope that they stay to meet everyone!
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


Over you
New song (Full Moon Crazy?)
2 rebels
Why didn't I
Goodnight my love
My own way
Heartless (Kanye Cover)
Nobody has to know
Don't close the book - with jb
Over you(again
See u in the dark

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

JoBros have entered the building

They're heeeeeere! Just walked past us with john taylor and garbo.
Camilla is also here!
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

We are inside

We are in vip seating and some is reserved for jonas group could this mean we'll be in the prescence of a certain trio of brothers?

The gentlemans family members are also all here saying hello to each other. Its one big family reunion!

We bought a hot new poster and got our passes for the meet and greet. The limited shirt was commemorating their first sold out show. Maybe ill check that out later (Lauren went down while I stayed in our spots!) If it doesn't sell out before then!

We can't really see the stage from our seats so we'll have to move once the show starts to get a better view!
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Holy cow!

We just arrived and the line is around the corner! Wow! Quite the change from our last nyc show in july!

We have ' VIP seating' so now we just wait for doors which should be about 6

(And why do I feel like I am risking my life everytime I get in a nyc cab?)
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Heading to irving

We just finished mingling with the stars at the wax museum! Photos with wax jonas were expensive so we just took pics of them. But you could pose at the druns behind them - I wonder if Alex has?

Now we're finishing our traditional mcdonalds cheeseburgers and will be heading to the venue after a quick stop at bubba gumps for pressed pennies!

Talk to you all soon!
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

We're on our way

We pulled up to the station as our train was leaving. Oops! Luckily there was another just 20 mins later.
People have been lined up at the venue since 11 or earlier according to Rebecca one of hs's st leaders. We probably won't get there until 4 at the earliest. Stay tuned for more updates!!
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Live from N ew York, it's Katie and Lauren!!!

Katie and I will be blogging and twittering all day!

Right now we are on the train to New York City!

Follow me on:

:)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just Jared Jr. Interview!

Honor Society will be rocking out Irving Plaza in New York City tomorrow night to a sold-out crowd and rumor has it — with their good friends, the Jonas Brothers!

The up-and-coming band is meeting up with before the show and we need your questions! From asking about their music to working with the JoBros — ask away!

TELL JJJ: What would you ask Honor Society?

Head on over to Just Jared Jr with your questions! Read more...

HS Updates Profile Layout

See more photos of the layout under the cut!


Updated Say Now!

The gentlemen updated their Say Now with a Valentine's Day message!

Give them a call and let them know if you're going to tomorrows show! (315) 849-3471 Read more...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

From Honor Society!
The guys of Honor Society just dropped by the Seventeen offices to hang out and play us some of their music (We love their song "See U in The Dark" -- check it out on their MySpace page now!). The guys, who are all single (And did we mention cute?!), had a special message for you this Valentine's Day!


Honor Society Pop Star Photoshoot

Looks like we'll have to be picking up a copy of Popstar! in the near future... they did a photoshoot with the guys recently!

Are you ready for Sunday?


Are you ready?? Have you been listening to the tracks on the Myspace to make sure you'll be able to sing along? Do you have your money ready to buy a Tshirt or poster to get into the Meet & Greet?!

If you can't make it to the show are you ready to tune in to Far From Shore for LIVE BLOGGING??

I hope so!

If you're out there reading this - please comment with what song you hope the guys will be singing!

My pick is - OVER YOU!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update Say Now

The gentlemen have landed!

Give them a call, (315) 849-3471

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

HONOR SOCIETY at 30,000 feet!!

Hey Everyone, thanks to gogo. com I have wi-fi on our plane right now!

We wanted you all to be with us as we make our trek across the country from LA to NY for our show this Sunday at Irving Plaza! Here's Alex and I. Jay and Andy are in another row, but they send their love.

We love you and thank you so much for supporting us. Sunday is YOUR show so come ready to party.

Your Gentlemen, HONOR SOCIETY

does anyone need FOUR valentines?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2/15 Meet & Greet

Just posted on MySpace:

We want to thank all our fans by doing something special at our NYC show on 2/15...

We're going to have two new pieces of merchandise at the show, including a hot new poster and a limited edition t-shirt!! Everyone that buys one of these items will be invited to a special meet and greet after the show.

More details will be given out at the show.
See U on Sunday!!

Much love and much duh,
the gentlemen of Honor Society

In The Studio

Michael seems to be having a lot of fun with his new computer at the studio - and has posted a couple of photos of him and the gentlemen in the studio!