Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some Updates!

Lauren made us a couple of new headers - check them out! (Refresh a couple times if you have to!) We'll be adding more in the future - let us know if you have any ideas for one - or feel free to make us one and send it to us!! (800x400 are the max pixels)

Honor Society hung out with Demi yesterday. They took some photos:

There are a few more under the cut!

From Demi's myspace:

tonight was meatloaf wednesday at my house…. yes… there is such a thing at the lovato/ delagarza residence! anyway, i invited some cool people including a band that everyone should check out!

they’re called honor society and they are great friends of mine so…..


happy meatloaf wednesday! hahaha


Also - the Official Honor Society Radio Support team is working on a really great project and they need YOUR help! Submit to them a story about your first Honor Society concert, first time you met the guys, or concert pictures to be a part of a scrapbook for the gentlemen! For more details, check out their Myspace Blog Post

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