Monday, February 9, 2009

Andrew and Michael chat last night!

Last night none other than Andrew Lee and Michael Bruno had a chat on the fansite, I didn't get the myspace message from the street team in time - I arrived and they were just leaving - they had to get ready for a grammy party!

If you visit the site, some of the chat is archived - Andrew talked a bit about how he lived in Connecticut and some other things with the few that were in the chat room. Its on the left side, scroll down a bit there's a little chat box and you can click "older messages" and it will pop up a bit of an archive for you to check out!

I thought that was really cool of the two of them to do that - I just wish I didn't miss out on it!

They seem really pumped about their show on Sunday - and the Hershey Park show as well!

With any luck, Lauren and I will be LIVE BLOGGING (or at the very least, twittering) from our day in NYC with Honor Society on Sunday - so you'll want to check Far From Shore throughout the day :)

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