Saturday, February 28, 2009

Honor Society Supports Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Experience

In a recent Myspace Bulletin, Honor Society has this to say to their fans....

This is a call to our friends on myspace who wouldn't normally go see the Jonas Brothers 3D Movie.

All four of us highly suggest taking the time to see it. This is not a blind recommendation because we work with Jonas. Its not like they need a push from us, they're obviously extremely popular we just want everyone to see what we get to see everyday working with the boys.

We were BLOWN AWAY when we saw their live show this past summer. The level of musicianship is huge and they are all terrific entertainers as well as great dudes.

If you don't believe us, go see the movie. Everyone talks about how rough the music industry is today but these are three guys (along with their band) that really give their fans every ounce of their heart and talent.

Your Gentlemen,

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