Monday, May 4, 2009

Bamboozle 2009: Six Breakout Bands to Watch

This year’s Bamboozle crammed more than 70 bands a day into the most pop-friendly lineup the fest has seen in its four-year history. No Doubt and Fall Out Boy claimed the biggest headlines, but a six-pack of up-and-coming acts were making noise on the smaller stages. Here’s a rundown:

Name: Honor Society
From: New Jersey
Sounds Like: The boy-band sounds of *N SYNC mixed with the R&B funk of Maroon 5
Their Story: Last summer Honor Society were discovered by another group of New Jerseyites, the Jonas Brothers, who have since introduced Honor Society’s brand of radio-friendly slick R&B pop to its fans and grabbed them as openers on the JoBros’ upcoming world tour. Even though its members skew slightly older than Jonas (Honor Society’s four members are all in their twenties), Honor Society has already achieved heartthrob status and nearly two million MySpace plays.


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